Join us for an extremely rare opportunity to taste, celebrate, and explore five of the rarest wagyu in the world. Hosted by Chef David Schlosser (Shibumi, 2019 Michelin Star) and Mike Prasad (Tinysponsor & Kogi BBQ), the World of Wagyu culinary experience takes you through the range of true Japanese wagyu and celebrates Shibumi’s unique culinary approach. 

Featuring five of the rarest and most legendary true Japanese Wagyu:

Miyazaki Beef, the black cow wagyu ranked higher than Kobe;

Ohmi Beef, the original and oldest of wagyu with over 400 years of history;

Takamori Drunken Beef, wagyu from cows fed sake mash;

Olive Beef, the rarest wagyu, with only 2,000 cattle in existence and only a few harvested each month;

Hokkaido Snow Beef, with a unique marbling from Hokkaido’s climate and limited to few restaurants outside Japan;

It is unheard of to have five of these rare wagyu in one dinner. Our first World of Wagyu in 2018 only featured 3 Japanese wagyu and sold out within a week. Don’t miss out on this year’s experience as we take it to the next level.

Date: October 20, 2019
Seating Times: 5:30pm & 8:30pm
Price: $225 per person plus tax and tip

Each seating is limited to 30 seats.

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Fixed price menu includes:


Miyazaki Beef Sashimi


Kobe Beef Fat Burdock Chips
The Real Thing

Mizuna, Dandelion, & Hemp Salad
Hemp Caesar Dressing (no cheese)


Ohmi Beef Katsu Cutlet
Shaved Cabbage, Parsley, Egg, Lemon

Grilled Takamori Drunken Beef
In Sake Lees

Olive Beef
Shaved thin with Hot Dashi and Sesame Seed Dip


Hokkaido Beef Neck
Young Potato simmered in Gardenias, Mustard


Steamed Rice

House Made Pickles

Red Miso Soup
Giant Shiitake Mushroom, Chrysanthemum Greens


Mint Agar Candy

Mizu Manju
Water Cake with Black Sugar

Additional Optional Add-Ons include:

Beverage Omakase

Japanese Whiskey Flights